Downtown Toronto @ Yonge & Bloor

This small cozy, fully-equipped studio is located at Yonge & Bloor in the heart of downtown Toronto and is just steps from the Bloor subway station. Overlooking Toronto, the studio features an adjustable background stand with a 9'x 20' Lastolite Super White vinyl background. This studio is ideal for photographers wishing to photograph their clientele in easily accessible location. There is custom controlled central air conditioning and heating as well as a full kitchen and bathroom facilities.


$55.⁰⁰/ hour

Minimum Rental of 2 hours.

Studio setup and breakdown time is included in this fee and is not extra. The fees also include full service, hands-on equipment management and lighting advice where needed.

  • 2 Hour Studio Rental | $110
  • 3 Hour Studio Rental | $165
  • 4 Hour Studio Rental | $220
  • 5 Hour Studio Rental | $275
  • 6 Hour Studio Rental | $330
  • 7 Hour Studio Rental | $385
  • 8 Hour Studio Rental | $440

Studio Rental Options


"I had the pleasure of working with Stephen and renting his studio for my large 8 client session. He was always there to help me at a moment's notice and the gear was all top notch with lots of variety. I was shooting in all different styles for each client so this was super important for me. The bottom line is that I fully endorse Stephen and his studio and will be booking again soon."

- Brendan Albert Photography


  • 8' high ceilings
  • 9'x 20' Lastolite Super White vinyl backdrop
  • 9'x 14' Thunder Grey paper backdrop
  • 10' x 10' Black muslin background
  • 5'x6' Lastolite Collapsible Reversible Background - Mid Grey / White
  • 4 Variable PhotoFlex umbrellas (2 large/2 small) with stands. Can be changed to be shoot-through or reflective.
  • 1 Westcott Medium Apollo soft box with grid (26" x 26") on light stand
  • 1 Westcott Apollo strip box with grid (16” x30”) on light stand
  • 1 Westcott Apollo Orb (octobox) (43”) on light stand
  • 1 Westcott RapidBox (octobox) (26”) on light stand
  • Photoflex 42" and 32" silver/white reflector
  • 2 Full 300 watt studio strobes
  • 2 Canon 580 EX II Speedlights
  • Yongnuo Speedlights (YN565EX )
  • PocketWizard™ wireless transmitters (Plus IIIs & Plus X)
  • For Sony/Minolta DSLR owners: If you shoot with an older Sony or Minolta DSLR, we have a hot-shoe converter for these cameras
  • Sekonic L358 light meter with PocketWizard™ transmitter for ambient and flash readings
  • 1 Gary Fong Universal Collapsible Snoot with grid
  • 1 Rogue Snoot with 3 interchangeable grids
  • Posing stool
  • Makeup area

"Stephen is a photographer’s photographer and his space reflects that. It’s perfectly situated and fully equipped for many types of shoots. I used my own equipment, supplemented with some of his. He was a gracious host…helping with set-up…warmly greeting my client. But then he stayed in the background –while ensuring all was well – and I worked through the shoot with my client. I’ll return often!"

- Stewart D. Lewis

"Rented Stephen's studio yesterday for this shoot... Thanks for all the help, Stephen! You were great!"

- Alishba Zarmeen - Purple Canvas Photography

"I have had the pleasure of hiring the studio from Stephen Hutchinson Photography. The studio is very warm and inviting with all the setups that you could want. I was made to feel welcome from the moment Stephen opened the door to me. I recommend hiring this studio to anyone who is in need of a place to shoot their clientele."

- Robert Lovegrove